Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jack Daniels - Cake Form

I received a special request from a friend that went something like this:
Friend: "Do you make cupcakes with Jack Daniels in them?"
Me: "Sure, why not!"
Friend: "I'll take a dozen!"

The cupcakes were for Friend's boyfriend who is an avid catamaran sailor (is that right?). So I topped a few of them with chocolate catamarans. The cakes are basically a vanilla cake with Jack Daniels, pecans and chocolate chips in them, and a buttercream frosting made with Jack Daniels.

Admittedly, I hate Jack Daniels (but my husband loves it)so I didn't even taste these. The smelled like JD out of the oven and after, so I couldn't even bring myself to put a crumb in my mouth. My husband did try them, however, and he thought they were pretty good, but "I wouldn't make them again," he snorted. The taste of JD was apparently pretty strong. Duh.

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