Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Love Olive Bread

My husband, Tom, loves olive bread. And I can't say I don't. But what I don't love is making breads. I can't explain why, it's just not as exciting to me as all other baked goods. But I am trying to learn to love it, and I think I'm actually getting there....

I tried to make this olive bread once before and failed miserably. The recipe failed to mention that you should drain and DRY your olives, otherwise they are too wet for the dough.

So this time I drained them and laid them out on paper towels for hours to dry, and them pressed them with paper towels again after I chopped them and....

it worked!

The bread is really really good, and it made two big loafs (which is nice).

I think I should have baked it a little longer to get a crisp, crunchy crust, but the soft crust is definitely not bad at all.

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