Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Serioulsy?!? Crunkcakes?!?!

One of the many blogs that I visit nearly every day is I Heart Cuppycakes. She always has some really interesting cupcakes recipes on her site, and I've been dying to try several of them. This past weekend I finally tried two - the first of which was Caramel Appletini Crunkcakes. Crunkcakes because they contain apple vodka. The vodka and martini lover in me could not resist. In fact, the idea behind the cupcakes is that they taste like a caramel appletini (which, if you've never had one, I highly recommend trying one).
The cupcakes were soooo good too! They were basically an apple spice cake, but instead of just adding apples, I sliced up some granny smiths

and roasted them,

then peeled the slices and mashed up the roasted apples in my food processor. The roasted apples really added a beautiful flavor and texture (I left it kind of chunky). The icing was basically a brown sugar buttercream, but instead of milk or water, I used the apple vodka. (Although the recipe called for a little milk, I just kept adding vodka!)

Each little mini cupcake was then frosted and rimmed with green sugar crystals - just like a martini glass - and drizzled with some melted caramels. They were a big hit!

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