Tuesday, February 24, 2009

11 layers of Happy Birthday to MEP!

I've been dying to bake this cake for some time now, so I spent Sunday night baking, layering and frosting all 11 layers for my boss's birthday. I baked each layer individually - 12 total, but only 11 made it into the cake, one on the floor - in disposable pans so I wouldn't have to wash over and over (thanks for the great tip, Bakerella).

Then stacked them with chocolate ganache

and frosted the sides with a hot fudge butter cream.

I think this cake was gone in record time - less than 45 minutes!

That's A Sight For Sore Eyes!

I have been incredibly and overwhelmingly busy the last month or so with work and home life, but I finally managed to squeeze in a little baking time for a charity breakfast at work. I made lemon scones - mini ones. They tasted great, but did not bake as pretty as I'd hoped. I think my dough was too wet (a touch too much buttermilk, perhaps?) and they sort of melted out flat in the oven. But everyone enjoyed them, so no worries! It was just nice to be baking again!